Back to Classic

The moment you put on a KARL-LEIMON watch, you become the guardian of classic value.
The journey to classic might be arduous, and the guardian will bear the loneliness and pursue no delight.

Yet we understand it. There must be someone who watch over this sacred value, and wait until the return of wanderers who are frustrated by swaying trend.

By putting on KARL-LEIMON, you have made a solemn oath to be the guardian of the holy land of classic.


Why Moonphase Watch

The Excellent and Exquisite of Watch Technique

This is Moon phase, invented by genius Breguet of 18th Century. It was the ultimate evolution of mechanical watches. Only premium Swiss watches were capable of manifesting it.

This hearts a tiny universe. This combines technical superiority and romantic charm; this stimulates the inner desire of possession of the people.

However, when the era of quartz watch landed, the power of the premium mechanical watch gradually waned, and together with it, moon phase became a relic.

Now, we, KARL-LEIMON, have this new belief. We want to bring back this crown jewel (at a reasonable price).

We challenge ourselves to make the most excellent and exquisite moon phase watch. Ultimately, we aspires to (become a top moon phase brand and) lead the watch trend.


Our Story

For making Affordable luxury

KARL-LEIMON was founded by Karl and Leimon, two expatriates dwelling in Japan.
The two pals believe in classic value of watches in the contemporary society, in which minimalism watches are in trend.

Perhaps some may think the idea of “classic” is a piece of trite cliché, but Karl and Leimon have strong faith in it.
Classic is meant to be something that does not sway with the swaying trend.

Among the classic-style lovers, some might fancy classic-style architecture, vehicles or music, but for KARL-LEIMON co-founders, their true passion lies in classic style-watches.

When Karl and Leimon were looking for a decent watch as a celebration for university graduation, they searched a long time before finding an ideal classic-style watch, but it turned out to be too heavy a burden for young people to afford.

On the other hand, to their disappointment, the watches at a reasonable price for young people usually are designed in either substantially simple or excessively accessorized ways. That was the moment when the two pals started to wonder if other classic watch lovers may share the same pain-point.

Therefore, Karl and Leimon have determined to bring back the classic moonphase design, the crown jewellery of vintage looking watches, in order to offer those lovers an alternative choice,