“Back to classic”

   Time witnesses the rise and fall of countless new concepts of watch design, but classic design, uninfluenced by the changing tides, endures the time and remain to reign supreme.
While we, two expats based in Japan with life-long zeal for watch designing, uphold the value of classic design, we do believe that a classic timepiece should not be a luxury exclusively for a small circle of upper class, but should be made available for every classic design lover.

   Yet we realized that in reality when it comes down to affordable zone, minimalism design which champions simplicity and basic functionality is dominant, and many customers simply have to accept the fact that “with a moderate budget, you get a simple design”.
Therefore, we started our journey to create an “affordable luxury” watch brand, hoping to offer an alternative choice for all classic watch lovers.

Making Story

   The longing for classic is our motif. What defines classic as classic? We believed only the best things have been inherited as it is. Such philosophy is embedded in every tiny design of our watch.
   The case and bezel are made and assembled separately in order to recreate the elegant structure of the watch. In addition, instead of using the prevalent oversized design, we have chosen the 38mm classic size and found out the perfect harmony of all parts inside the dial. The flat sapphire glass with a double AR (Anti-Reflective) coating has been installed to ensure the transparency of the dial surface.

   We are also highly committed to the uncompromised quality, and have chosen our manufacturer with great care. Since summer 2016, we have visited our current manufacturing partner in numerous occasions, during which we thoroughly inspected all the facilities, and met the highly experienced management team.